About Jing Jing Tsong

Jing Jing's illustration combines traditional printmaking and digital techniques to create vibrant compositions of color, pattern and texture. With a focus on multi-cultural concepts, the patterns she incorporates add layers of meaning and cultural context, enhancing the power of each image.

Her work has been recognized by international and design publications. Jing Jing's illustrated the New York Times Best Selling Children's Picturebook, A Bucket of Blessings (by Kabhir Sheghal and Surishtha Sehghal, published by Simon and Schuster). 2 of her illustrations are included in the United States Postal Service 2014 Winter Fun Forever Stamps.

When not at the drawing board, you can probably find Jing Jing surfing at her favorite break with her favorite husband, illustrator, Mike Austin. Or walking through the cloud forest with her beloved, perfect, dog Prudence.

About Mike Austin

Mike is an award-winning illustrator and graphic designer. He lives in Hawaii and spends most of time drawing pictures for a wonderful group of clients or working on his children's books for Harper Collins, Simon & Schuster and Random House. he's won awards from the Society of Illustrators, Communication Arts, Print, 3x3 and others. His children's book App "A Present for Milo" has garnered rave reviews and was featured on NPR, MSNBC and USA Today.

When not on deadline you can find him surfing with his wife, Jing Jing Tsong. If you need to reach him on Saturday mornings just go down the road past the big mango trees, turn left at the bottom of the hill and when you see the roosters on the side of the road next to the crooked mailbox go right, then keep going over the lava (the pahoehoe NOT the a'a!). You know you're getting close when you see the big lava tube. Turn left and go through the Kiawi trees. You're there! Paddle all the way out, stay in the channel and look for him in the line-up. he's the one with the sunburn and big smile.

Or you can reach them at --

Jing and Mike Company

Mike's Phone: (808) 895-4773
Mike's email: maustinkona@yahoo.com

Jing's Phone: (808) 557-0208
Jing's email: jingjingtsong@yahoo.com